In Search of Truth

Most of us take it for granted that Science represents Truth or at least believe that Science takes us closer to Truth. Of course, by definition, that is what Science stands for. But is that what is happening in practice? Is that stuff which we are all made to study, chant and believe as Science really taking us closer to Truth?

Obviously we can’t conclude anything as right or wrong just by looking at the surface or by the label that comes with it. Just because some book comes with the label science, that doesn’t become science or represent truth. And just because something is written by a person who is employed as a scientist, that doesn’t become science or represent truth. Similarly just because something is accepted by the majority as science, that again doesn’t become science or represent truth. Rather it is Logic which should decide the truthfulness of any theory.

To know whether or not our science is really helping us understand our Universe, first we need to carefully study and understand the theories that get taught as science (rather than simply recite them only to reproduce in exams), critically analyze the information and see what the evidence is really.

Unlike the prevailing notion amongst the lay public, true science is never too difficult to understand however deep that goes or however complicated that may sound. To understand Nature, what is required is just commonsense and simple reasoning. Most people believe that the various gadgets and technology that we use in our modern life are proof that our science must be correct. So they don’t see any reason to suspect the truthfulness of science and they believe it is rather a wasteful exercise for individuals to question what the scientists preach.

But the truth is, to invent gadgets and to build technology, it doesn’t require a deeper understanding of Nature: There I have explained why technology and gadgets aren’t a proof that our scientists understand the Nature correctly. In fact the various gadgets and technology of our modern society are proof that our scientists are on the wrong path and so the science they preach. Let me explain why:

The goal of scientific exploration is to understand Nature and Creation. People who really understand Nature realize that everything that they need for happy living come for free in Nature. For example, good food comes for free, good air comes for free, good water is free, good shelter can be built for free and true love comes for free. Don’t think that good food is not tasty. What is tasty for some, may taste awful for others. Tastiness is a matter of how one tune’s one’s taste buds and body/mind. So people who truly understand Nature don’t see any reason to invent new things because they already have everything that they need.

And all those good things automatically make them healthy. So good health comes for free. If one gets sick, good medicines come for free in Nature. And in theory, true education is free. People need to pay for only false education. Let me explain that. The goal of education is to gain wisdom. For a teacher to give you wisdom, he must possess that first. Obviously without one having wisdom or knowledge, one can’t make others wise. One who has wisdom i.e. one who understands Nature realizes the above ‘secret’ that all the good things come for free in Nature and that they need to pay only for the bad things i.e readymade foods, pizzas, bottled water, air conditioners, foam mattresses, bad medicines, adulterated love, concrete houses etc etc. So people with true wisdom know that money is not needed for good living and rather could only be harmful. Taking and accumulating stuff that is not needed and which could only be harmful is not something wise people would do. So a true teacher teaches for free.

Next, as people understand this Universe and Creation to the deeper level, they will start to renounce things that they already have. They give up or renounce things not because they don’t want to be happy. Rather they are happy even without them, much more happier than when they are in possession of the worldly things. In a way, they are in a state of ecstasy and clinging to material things will only distract them. Surely they wouldn’t go on inventing new things.

So the fact that we are behind more and more inventions is proof that our science is on the wrong track. Gadgets are actually the harmful byproducts or false fruits of scientific exploration that only mislead people from the main path of wisdom by ‘bribing’ them with temporary pleasures and making them dependent.

On this blog I have explained how many of the scientific theories that we are made to study and chant are utterly wrong and how modern science has moved farther from Truth. As explained above, the goal of scientific exploration is to understand the Nature correctly. With true wisdom, happiness just flows in. We can say wisdom=happiness. It is not that wisdom helps secure a job and that brings money and money gets house, status, luxuries etc and then comes happiness. No, the path to happiness is never that long. If your wisdom/ knowledge/ education drives you that way, it is certain that you have become a victim of false wisdom. You will keep on running behind things that only tempt you but not really happy. Happiness eludes you all through your life and remains a mirage until you get exhausted and reach the death bed.

Contrary to the prevailing belief, Philosophy is not for old people. It’s not of much use to them. They have already completed their journey in this world and gone through the agonies of material world, and knowing philosophy of life now can’t reverse that, and they are any way going to be ‘blessed’ soon whether they know philosophy or not. Knowing the philosophy of life at an early age helps one sail the life boat smoothly and effortlessly and makes the journey interesting and joyful from the beginning till the end.


  • pat00donnelly  On November 17, 2017 at 3:50 am

    Adam, of Genesis, was not human. We do not give birth by males, nor from the side! Adam is the old name for the Earth.

    It gave birth to the Moon, Eve, Selene, etc.. It did this due to the sudden but highly localized release of pressure from the plasma pinch inside of which it had been formed.

    Most vegetation on Adam is green, as is the current light it receives. This vegetation was much more efficient under the red light and blue sky of Eden, the plasma pinch.

    Have regard to Googleearth. It shows sea mounts and island chains where once was coastline for China, India etc. The crust of Adam was too cohesive and was pulled off the magma base, by hundreds of kilometres. Thus we find New Zealand sitting atop where once was Australia. A continental base for India surrounds Mauritius.

    The greates volcano crater has walls made from crust called Himalaya. The caldera is Tibet.

    Awareness is also called Aether.

    Great article!


  • Galacar  On January 1, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    A VERY HAPPY 2018 TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And may the TRUTH prevail!

    It will, it will 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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