The Longevity Myth

It is only a myth that our science has increased the life span of humans. As a child, I knew many people who lived beyond 100 years. But I have hardly seen or heard of a centenarian in my last 10 years of medical practice. That has really intrigued me. If the life span has really increased, we must be seeing more people living beyond 100 years. After pondering for a while, I realized the reason for the apparent increase in our average life span.

Before I elaborate on that, I would like to pose one question: imagine that one woman gets conceived in the month of January and another women in February of the same year. Now the second women delivers her baby (baby ‘A’) prematurely in September and the first women delivers her baby (B) in October. Now which baby is younger and which baby is older? According to our current thinking and calculations, baby A is older than baby B. But truly speaking baby B is older than baby A, and his organs and tissues are more mature. It’s just that baby A came out of the womb before baby B.

While calculating the life span, we take it for granted that human life starts when the baby comes out of the womb. But we know that life exists even before that. The journey through the birth canal merely represents an event in one’s life. It just represents a change in the habitat for the baby. It’s not the starting point of life. The baby was very much alive before and also had played inside the womb. So, ideally one should also include the intrauterine life while calculating the life span.

One may argue that the baby can’t be considered as an independent being whilst inside the womb as he is totally dependent upon and is still connected to his mother. But the baby would still be dependent upon the mother even after the birth and would still remain very much in touch with her mother for most of the time. Dependency and physical connection are rather relative things just like the ‘viability’ thing that our doctors often talk about.

If the ability to lead an independent life is to be taken into consideration in calculating life span, then the children of modern era fare much worse compared to those in the past. In modern society, many children remain dependent upon their parents even up to 40 years or even 50 years. Up to about 20-30 years or so, they do nothing except get ‘educated’ and wholly live upon their parents. And after that they take parental support to take care of their own kids (if they are lucky enough to have them!). Of course they do become independent and keep themselves away from parents when the parents become old and frail and are in need of some support! That’s the plight of modern generation.

In contrast, the ‘uneducated’ and ‘unemployed’ children of the olden days became independent and helped their parents as early as 10-15 years, Also they took care of their own kids and looked after their parents when they got old. If we have to consider the number of years that people lead a meaning life as their life span, which isn’t actually a bad thing, the average life span of modern generation hardly crosses 10 years or may even be zero!

If one wants to ignore the life inside the womb in calculating the life span because that makes the calculations easy, one may do so. But one should be cautious of the erroneous conclusions that it can lead to. We know that in olden days, more lives were lost in early childhood due to various environmental challenges and infections. But what is not realized is that nowadays more lives are lost even before they could make their way out of the womb. Out of our ignorance and insensitiveness, we have been obsessive of counting only the infantile and childhood deaths but we have chosen to ignore the lives lost inside the womb while calculating the average life span. And that has falsely increased the average life span of humans.

In olden days, most Down’s babies would come out of the womb and live for at least some years (on an average 20-30 years). But nowadays most Down’s babies would get killed inside the womb and thus remain hidden from mortality statistics. That obviously would lead to a spurious increase in average life span. (People may justify the in-utero medical murders by arguing that those handicapped babies will only suffer more if allowed to come to this outside world. But the truth is Down’s babies of olden days lived much more happily and stress freely than the intelligent people of the modern world.) And not only Down’s babies, many other fetuses are getting murdered inside the womb in the name of health care and many more lives are prevented from coming into this world for fear of them competing with us for resources and ‘stealing’ our satanic happiness. 

So the apparent increase in human life span is a result of our statistical malpractices that we are committing out of ignorance. We can’t be proud off and keep praising ourselves for things that we must be ashamed off. If the human life span has really increased, then we would see more and more people living beyond 100 years. It doesn’t require a qualified statistician or public health specialist to realize that. Truth is as simple as that. 

Not only that human life span has come down, but also their potential to produce children has also come down in modern days. And even worse is “what used to be a consequence of joyful living, has become a hard task for the modern couples” as one Mystic put it down.

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  • pat00donnelly  On October 21, 2017 at 11:18 am

    One reason for a loss of longevity, now actually known to afflict male “whites” in the USA, is the stress of all institutions in modern society.

    Transactions of all kinds are many multiples of what existed previously as people live alone in large houses. Families are cast adrift on a sea of eceonomic changes, forced to move home to take on more work. Dowries for education, to enable offspring to mature at age 30 proliferate!

    I and you, (1 again) are immortal. We discard our meat pyjamas when they no longer work well, but we seem to defer to others as to what treatment they “require”! Experts and those dedicated to “managing” other peoples’ money further cause concern.

    Simple sol\utions to many diseases are actually banned, to further make money for expensive treatments, that never cure. Cyanide kills cancer cells. Enzymes clean out plumbing in the body, freeing us from clots. Enzymes are not a poison and therefore! not a medicine! Bizarre! Apricot kernels deliver small doses of cyanide, but are banned for sale as therapeutic or even outright!

    This is not a “bug” of modern times, but a “feature” of the banker governed society. Older people are not as proftable for bankers!

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  • pat00donnelly  On October 21, 2017 at 11:19 am

    I may be going blind! I cannot find the “Like” button for your writing!


  • Galacar  On October 21, 2017 at 2:20 pm


    “Older people are not as proftable for bankers!”

    Exactl\y!! i do know these people are under attack by TPTSB.

    Where I live they are making ‘suicide’ for elderly people legal and easier.

    Once old, you become a “useless eater”, for them.

    Errr..what is that called? Err….Eugenics!! Reminds you of another period

    in history, eh?!

    Once I inderstood how ‘they’ operate, I started delving in more alternatives

    (intuitively I already leaned towards that way}. and I have discovered amazing,

    and mostly, simple treatments for a lot of ailments. Btw I think most of the time

    there are underlying emotional issues, at least in my experience.

    But let’s put this in a broader persperctive if I may.

    At the top there are criminal insane psychopaths as I have stated before.

    (They are so insane that they are prepared to kill and sacrifice babies
    and children in satanic rituals! \yeah, that’s right! (How more insane can you get?)

    Now, these people love to have ‘victims’ they can drain for whatever

    they want, like energy etc. So, these people at the top are parasites

    (It goes even deeper then that, but I leave that for now)

    Well, take a look around you to see how much people have a

    victim-mentallity or victim-consciousness.Now the solution becomes

    obvious. Get out of the victim-menatllity and they can’t touch you anymore!

    Easy? No, sometimes hard work, but the tools are there.

    And one part of de-victimisation is thinking for yourself, like it is promoted

    on this site.

    To put it all in one sentence:

    Free Your Mind.

    (I have studied this area for more then 15 years,so if you have any questions
    you can ask I won’t say I know everything, but I can telll that the rabbit hole goes
    deep, very very deep. And that one can’t hardly imagine how this world really works)

    My two cents



  • Galacar  On October 21, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    And this is my reaction to the longevity myth:

    What did he do? Simple: He thinks for himself!

    according to this man, there are at least 500 DOGMA’S in mainstream-medicine!


    Then I started to wonder how many DOGMA’S there are in mainstream physics?

    any ideas?




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