Technology versus Science

Development of technology and gadgets is not a proof that our science is true or that our scientists understand Nature correctly. To build technology, it doesn’t require a deeper understanding of Nature, rather it only requires some superficial knowledge and doing some trial and error. Very often development of technology has nothing to do with the scientific theories to which scientists might attribute that. Lot of technology was built well before many of those theories were actually put forward and there are cases where the scientific theories get disproved and rejected but the technology that came out of those falsified theories continues to work!

But how could people devise wonderful gadgets without actually knowing the underlying science? Well, a child can build marvelous towers and bridges using building blocks. It doesn’t mean that the child knows the physics and the engineering involved. He does that by observing the stuff and by doing some trial and error. Similarly a pot maker makes beautiful pots without knowing the physical laws that are at play. A farm worker grows fruits and grains and produces eggs from hens and hens from eggs, and again it doesn’t mean that he knows the biology or the laws of creation. To do that he only requires a superficial knowledge of the Nature and doesn’t necessarily know the deeper mechanisms or the processes involved. In fact in most scenarios, people will have a misunderstanding of the hidden processes though they make wonders in practice. For example, ancient people were able to exactly predict the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipses though they misunderstood how and why an eclipse occurred.

Same is the case with gadgets. It only requires some superficial knowledge to devise them and some trial and error to refine. For example, working of radios involves generating, broadcasting and receiving electromagnetic waves of specific frequency but scientists invented radio when they knew nothing about electromagnetic waves. How could they invent radio without knowing about electromagnetic radiation? Well they made use of some superficial observations and did some trial and error.

And similarly weighing machines work because of the phenomenon of gravity. But scientists still do not know/understand the physics of gravity i.e. how and why earth attracts objects. Scientists observed that objects fall to the ground, they noted that heavier objects fall with more force. These simple observations are utilized in devising a weighing machine. So invention of weighing machine isn’t a proof that scientists understand gravity or what they preach about gravity is true.

In fact, as I have explained elsewhere, people who truly understand Nature don’t go on inventing gadgets. They are actually the harmful byproducts or false fruits of scientific exploration that only mislead people from the main path of wisdom by ‘bribing’ them with temporary pleasures and making them dependent.

For people of modern society, life without gadgets feels dreadful. That is exactly how the alcohol addicts also feel: Without alcohol, they become jittery and agitated, life feels miserable for them. They feel that they can’t live without alcohol. But those who haven’t fallen prey to the momentary happiness offered by alcohol know that life is much more joyous, peaceful and healthy without alcohol. Same is the case with gadgets. People fall prey to the momentary comforts offered by them and in the process become dependent and addicted. People have slept well on hard floors in open air without the air-conditioned rooms of the modern society. But that is an unimaginable hard task for most people nowadays. Living and sleeping in the luxury air-conditioned rooms must be seen as a sign of dependency and disability and not as a sign of achievement or development and definitely not something to be proud off. It’s not just a costly addiction but is harmful to the environment and distressful to neighbors. Same thing applies to most scientific technology to which modern people have become dependent and feel proud off.

At best, gadgets may occasionally help the disabled people. Spectacles for the blind, wheel chairs for the handicapped, air conditioners for the recovery of sick people. Of course for the Enlightened minds, even that role becomes questionable as they can experience the world without the eyes, live happily without traveling etc. Wisdom helps overcome all the limitations that physical disabilities impose. And the enlightened minds wouldn’t be afraid of death, rather they would happily walk though the process of death. So recovery from illness makes little sense to them.

To remove a thorn and alleviate the suffering caused by that, one needs to use another thorn. Similarly, to explain and rescue people from the evil effects of technology, I have resorted to the same technology.

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  • Galacar  On October 16, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Good change!

    Now we can broaden our research and conclusions!

    Hence, we can write on a broader range of topics here.

    And you know what they say, eh?! (referring to your new title)

    “In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act”

    -George Orwell

    And now people can see that ‘relativity’ Lies are a part of some bigger Lie(s)



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